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True Security

One does not have to watch the news for very long to realize that we live in a dangerous world. One does not have to be on the battlefield to feel their security threatened. Everything from gated communities, home security systems, and an array of locks and dead bolts are sought to give some sense of security. And yet, even with all of these, people are threatened, robbed, assaulted, and even murdered. The bottom line is this, our world is not a safe place to live. So, what is one to do?

The most famous hymn that Martin Luther composed is titled “A Mighty Fortress is our God.” Rooted deeply in the truths of scripture, this song points us to the only real safe place. The writer of the Proverbs said, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runs into it and is safe” (Proverbs 18:10). At least ten times, the Old Testament tells us that our God is a fortress where His children may find refuge.

When fear is attempting to have its way with me, I turn to Psalm 91. At one time when I felt that my life and the safety of my family was threatened by a New York City mobster on the run from the law, I found my comfort in that Psalm. As I hid its words in my heart, not only did I find God’s peace that passes understanding, but God also removed the threat and returned him to prison for his crimes.

Now, maybe you have never had a mob leg-breaker breathing down your neck, but I am sure that there have been times that you have been paralyzed by fear. We live in a very perilous day, if we are not being bombarded with the threat of war, then there is the economy to worry about, or an ever-deteriorating political landscape, etc., etc., etc.

When such fears start knocking at the door of your heart, grab ahold of Psalm 91, read again the words of Luther’s great hymn, and find out for yourself that our God is indeed a fortress of refuge where you can find peace.

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