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Logical and Loving Limits

If we are honest with ourselves, there are times, throughout our Christian lives, that we look upon the laws of God as binding and confining, like shackles that impede our freedom. But, the longer one walks with God, the more one comes to understand that all of the laws of God are logical and loving.

For us, today, the Law of God is found within the Ten Commandments. When you meditate on these commands one by one, you will begin to see the logic behind the “Thou shalt and thou shalt not.” They are in no way arbitrary, as if God just plucked them out of the sky. They are rooted in the great wisdom of God and given to protect His children from harm and danger. It also becomes obvious that He gives us these commands because He loves us and longs to protects.

No one in their right mind would fault a parent who warns their child not to touch the hot stove or not to play in a busy street. We would all see those admonitions as logical and loving commands. And, as soon as that child touches the hot stove, he too will understand perfectly.

Twice, in the Proverbs, we are admonished, “Do not move the ancient landmark” (Proverbs 22:28, 23:10). The famed British journalist, G.K. Chesterton once wrote, “Don’t ever move a fence until you understand why it was put there in the first place.”

We live in a day and age that is bend on taking down the ancient landmarks and barriers that were created by the Ten Commandments. Why are they there? They make sense! Why have they been given? Because God loves us! When we come to understand that the limitations which God has placed upon our lives are both logical and loving, we will then be able to obey His commandments with joy.

Last night when I was reading, I came across a definition of obedience that I cannot shake off. The definition comes from a man named Ted Tripp, here it is, “Obedience is the willing submission of my heart to God that causes me to do what God has commanded without challenge, excuse, or delay.”

When I do not embrace the fact that all of God’s laws are both logical and loving, I will find myself challenging, excusing, or delaying my obedience to Him. Lord, forgive me when I do not embrace the truths that Your laws have been given to me, for my protection through Your love, and that my joy may be made full.

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