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High Water Marks

Today, Sandy and visited Hoover Dam. The last time we were there together was the summer of 1983. Take a moment to examine the picture that is attached to this posting. Behind the dam and around the edge of the lake is a large white ring over 100’ high. That is the last high water mark on Lake Mead. What is even more interesting is that Sandy and I were there when the water was that high. The Lake was full to the brim and overflowing into the spill ways on each side of the dam.

High water marks tell us something very interesting, they tell us that there was a day in which there was more water in the lake than there is today, a time of fullness, a time of promise, a time of abundance. I believe that we can apply this theory to nations, to churches, and to individuals.

As I looked at that mark on the shores of Lake Mead I also thought about our nation. 1983 was before 9-11 and the war on terror, no one had dreamed that marijuana use would be legal in our land, no one would have dreamed that one day same sex marriage would be legal. O how far we have fallen.

I think of the church in our land that has been horribly divided over the things that I have mentioned above. Divisions that find their source in how seriously we take the Word of God as our rule and guide for life.

As individuals, can we look at the shore line of our own lives and see a time that we walked closer to Jesus than we are walking today? A time when we longed for him and for the fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Christ?

Only one thing erases old high water marks, a fresh infilling that causes the waters to rise above the old mark. Spiritually speaking, we call that revival! Revival in our land, revival in our churches, revival in our personal lives. As you look at the shore of your Christian life, can you see a high water mark? Pray for a fresh infilling of Christ’s Holy Spirit and make that mark but a remnant of your spiritual past. Pray also for our nation and for the church.

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