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One Anothering at Home and On the Road

Following forty-one years of pastoral ministry, I am now two weeks into a four month long sabbatical leave. Tomorrow, along with my dear wife, Sandy, we begin a six-week long road trip around this great country of ours.

To tell you the truth, Sandy probably needs this sabbatical more than I do. There is no way to truly measure the great sacrifices that are made by a pastor’s wife and his family over multiple years of ministry. Frankly, there were probably times that I was better at practicing the One Another’s with the members of my congregation than with my own family. Several years ago, the Holy Spirit convicted me of that fact and led me to I confess my shortcomings in that area to Sandy and then to our children.

During this sabbatical leave, I want to make Sandy my number one ministry priority. She has indeed been the wind beneath my wings during our ministry years. I am also praying that six weeks together in a car will help renew and strengthen our relationship, our marriage of 48 years.

I do not think it was a coincidence that prior to beginning this sabbatical that Sierra Bible Church held a marriage seminar that was led by Paul David Tripp. I needed to hear what he had to say, I now need to apply what he had to say. Our daily devotions together, over the next four months will include Paul Tripp’s devotional book titled New Morning Mercies.

Sandy and I hope and pray that there are many more ministry years ahead of us and that God will use this time away to refit and refurbish us for the rest of the journey. It is my intention to continue to minister the truths of the One Another Project in the days that lie ahead, but in the meantime, the number one recipient of my One Anothering efforts will be my dear wife, Sandy.

Thank you for your prayers and look for updates about our trip as we travel.

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