Great tool for small groups, Sunday School classes or studying with friends!

Learning to practice what God intended for love and unity in the body of Christ

10 Chapters for a 10 Week Study

Questions to Ponder at the end of each chapter for deep study and discussion

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Love your neighbor as yourself!! The watching world...especially now needs to know we are his disciples and this is how we do it by following these two greatest commandments. I wish I had made the time earlier in my life as a husband, a father a friend and as a believer to have taken this journey. The simplicity is overwhelming and disturbing in the most awesome way possible!! Guys...we need this in our lives!!!

Beverly S.

I used this in a men's group and it promoted a lot of discussion.
This book is easy to read and the author used very pertinent and timely examples.
Everything the author states is supported by scripture.
This book spoke to me personally and in this reminded me how God wants me to respond to others.
I have read it twice and it could readily be used as a quick reference for the subject of how to apply the "one anothers" of scripture.


Great review of, what Wayne Hoag refers to as, "The Fruit of the Fruit of the Spirit." An insightful and easy to read elaboration of how we should be behaving as Christians - both within and outside of the Church. An easy mirror to use to examine our hearts to review how we are, or are not, demonstrating outward behavior that elaborates on the Fruit of the Spirit which Paul describes in Galatians 6:22-23.


about THE BOOK

He began to see that following the work of salvation in one's life, God then placed the new believer in a local fellowship where they would be further shaped and refined by and through their life with other believers. That is when the One Another Project was born. The Project was originally a ten week series of sermons that were then further explored in weekly home study groups. The questions that were asked and explored in the small groups are listed at the end of each chapter. Pastor Wayne has not only taught these truths to his Truckee congregation but also to others who want to more fully understand God's strategy of the One Another call.


The key verse for this study is Romans 12:5, " we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another." As you read may you grow in your understanding of just how much you need your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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